Cheap Hotel in Pekanbaru
Find Cheap Hotel in Pekanbaru from 281 940.171 IDR @ 100.00 MYR and below from the hotel name listed below. There are many choices and price varies according to the standard of hotel, location, facilities and promotions.

To facilitate your search, we only provide a list of Cheap Hotel in Pekanbaru to make your holiday planning easier. Expensive hotels not listed.

Tips to find Cheap Hotel in Pekanbaru: 1.Fix your budget. For example your budget is for room starts from 281 940.171 IDR @ 100.00 MYR and below only. 2.Identify your holiday destination. 3.Visit the hotel website. 4.Use Google Map to identify the hotel location and places of interest. 5.Make a direct call to the hotel to get the latest promotions & deals or book online.


We are still working to build a list of cheap hotel in Pekanbaru for you. However you can view all hotels from the link below.


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